Wearables Contest by Element14

Hello all! We just received a personal invitation to a wearables contest hosted by Adafruit and element14. The goal is to design a GEMMA-powered hat using a provided kit. Sounds simple, and fun!


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June 7th ECCM Recovery Party and BBQ

On Saturday June 7th 10AM to 2PM we will be holding another Recovery Party and BBQ. During the day we will be building new tables from donated materials from a local cabinet maker, Brandon Hicks. We also have Sheetrock to hang and that associated work. We would like to invite anyone who may have tools, electronics, or electronics waste to drop off the materials during the day.

Big round of thank yous and next steps

OK so by now you may have seen the massive number of pictures cataloging the cleanup effort at shop. I want to once again thank all the people who came out with so much labor. I have made a spreadsheet cataloging the number of hours invested since Tuesday and they are nearing 120 hours. This is so incredible. Thanks to the member and friends of the space we are getting this in order.

Where Do I Start

So you're interested in becoming a member, or have become one and don't know where to go from here? Read on!

Before becoming a member of ECCM, we strongly suggest you visit us at a meeting or event as a guest first. Most of our gatherings are advertised publicly, and you can often find out when and where we'll be by browsing around this website or following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus! We're more than happy to show you around the space and introduce you to the community! Besides, it's good to get a feel of things before committing to anything.

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