ECCM Open Slack Night!

Come join us from the comfort of your own home on Slack! I'll be online knocking out some ECCM business starting at 7:30PM, if not earlier. We can get a lot more accomplished if more people show up, or just hang out and chat! I'm looking to discuss the FCAC contract (or results of Thomas's meeting), Bylaws, , website stuff (including this very email template) and put together a bit more organized to-do list everyone can make use of.

If you need an invitation, just let me know!

Cleanup Day - Saturday, January 17th


Tomorrow we'll be having a clean-up day to tidy up the leaves outside, repair a torn pipe from the last hard freeze, and take care of whatever else. We can also use a hand recycling some eWaste! Please come on by to lend a hand! If you're new, you're welcome to just come and check out what's going on.

Cleanup officially starts at 10AM, free ozone pizza will be served at 1PM. Shop will be open until the last member leaves!

ECCM E-Waste Collection (and meet)!

Greetings Pensacolians! The ECCM is taking unwanted electronics, tools, metal, and almost anything recyclable*! This includes things replaced this Christmas, such as mobile devices, computers, and appliances. We also securely destroy hard drives and memory cards. We have a team who will disassemble any electronics into recyclable components and reduce Pensacola's waste footprint.

Where Do I Start?

So you're interested in becoming a member, or have become one and don't know where to go from here? Read on!

Before becoming a member of ECCM, we strongly suggest you visit us at a meeting or event as a guest first. Most of our gatherings are advertised publicly, and you can often find out when and where we'll be by browsing around this website or following us on Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus! We're more than happy to show you around the space and introduce you to the community! Besides, it's good to get a feel of things before committing to anything.

About Us

Welcome to the Emerald Coast Community of Makers (ECCM or ECCMakers) website!

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